James Gunn reminds fan that he already made a zombie movie

Zombies on the hoof in “dawn of the dead” 2004

James Gunn is taking the time out of his day to remind one fan that he’s already made a zombie movie, thank you very much.

“Would love to see @JamesGunn make a Zombie movie someday!” wrote one Twitter user on Monday in a post.

In response, Gunn replied with the poster for Dawn of the Dead, the 2004 remake of the George A. Romero classic, for which Gunn wrote the screenplay.

“You’re in luck…” Gunn wrote.

Arguably, 2004’s Dawn of the Dead was a rather important pop culture touchstone in many ways. Not only is it, perhaps, one of the best zombie movies ever made, it also marked the directorial debut of another big name in the world of DC films, Zack Snyder.

Today, Gunn is known for helming the beloved DC properties, 2021’s film The Suicide Squad, and the spinoff HBO Max series, Peacemaker. He’s also the co-writer and director of Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy of films.

As for Snyder, he had his own tumultuous relationship with DC, directing the critically-mixed Man of Steel and the poorly-reviewed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, though both films have their fans. Even though Snyder has since parted ways with Warner Bros. and DC, fans got a taste of the possible heights we could have gotten with his continued interpretation of a shared cinematic universe with last year’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League — which marks a critical and fan-loved high point of the so-called Snyderverse. The movie represented a redemption from the fan- and critically-maligned 2017 version of Justice League that was directed by Joss Whedon.

As for what’s next, Snyder is working on his sci-fi epic Rebel Moon for Netflix following his well-received subsequent foray into the world of zombies, Army of the Dead. Gunn will release his Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on May 5, 2023 and he’s also expected to helm another season of DC’s Peacemaker in the years to come.