James Gunn reminds Marvel fans why they aren’t directors

Veteran filmmaker James Gunn recently tweeted in response to a fan speaking for the majority. When discussing references in movies and TV shows regarding the DCEU (DC Extended Universe), Gunn was interrupted by another follower chiming in. They said, “No plots or characters, please, just references. It’s what the fans want.”

Rather hilariously, Gunn replied with blunt honesty, blatantly reaffirming why filmmakers belong behind the camera and Marvel/DC fans are just that — fans. Clearly, filmmakers have a differing mindset to audiences, who get so engrossed in the content that the main purpose of the media seemingly escapes them. On the other hand, the visual art of directing requires a non-biased approach to creating material. Read Gunn’s response below:

Tweet via @JamesGunn on Twitter

Pointedly calling out the lack of substantial girth behind a movie or series comprised of mere references, Gunn tweeted: “If I were to go by fan questions online it sometimes seems they want a movie composed solely of references, crossovers, cameos, & post-credit scenes.” In many respects, Gunn is exactly right. Many fans of larger franchises — such as Marvel or DC — are given such extensive universes that the possibilities are endless in terms of expanding the multiverse.

On many occasions, that childlike wonder that comes from infinite narrative routes often blinds audiences to the nature of movies and shows, in that their beauty comes from careful planning of engaging plotlines and likable characters. Without either of those, the crossovers and references would be pointless.