James Gunn Says He’s Hurt By Martin Scorsese Bashing Marvel Movies

Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes

Martin Scorsese has set social media alight over the past 24 hours with his disparaging statements about Marvel movies, describing them as “not cinema” and closer to “theme parks.” Naturally, superhero fans have been blasting the acclaimed director for his opinion on the MCU and now, one of the franchise’s most celebrated filmmakers has come forward to share his own thoughts on Scorsese’s words.

Guardians of the Galaxy helmer James Gunn took to Twitter earlier this afternoon to react to the news. He spoke about how much of a fan of Scorsese’s movies he is, but also remarked that he’s “saddened” that the revered director is “judging” the kind of films he likes to make.

Gunn later clarified in an additional tweet that this doesn’t affect his feelings towards the work of the filmmaker and he still can’t wait for Scorsese’s upcoming Netflix pic The Irishman. 

Gunn’s fellow Marvel director Joss Whedon has also responded to Scorsese’s comments. Funnily enough, he referenced Gunn’s work in the GotG films and the way “his hearts & guts are packed into” his MCU efforts as a reason why the director’s reading of Marvel movies is incorrect.

Obviously, both Gunn and Whedon are going to feel dispirited that a cinematic giant like Scorsese is making a sweeping criticism of a universe of movies that both of them have played in, and worked hard to provide iconic installments of, too. On the other hand, Scorsese’s comments are maybe not as out of line as people think. He was simply asked for his opinion on the MCU during an interview and essentially just said they’re not for him. Hardly surprising for a director known for his gritty, gangster films.

For the rest of us, there’s plenty of Marvel content out there to enjoy. Although, James Gunn has currently switched to the DC train to helm The Suicide Squadwhich is shooting now ahead of the director’s return to the MCU for Guardians Vol. 3.