James Gunn Responds To DC Character’s Existence in MCU

James Gunnn

James Gunn is currently doing what was once thought impossible by simultaneously working for the DCEU and MCU. The Suicide Squad and Guardian of the Galaxy director has large roles for both cinematic universes and could be working for both for a long time. Eventually, we could get to a point where there have been so many MCU and DCEU movies produced that the only logical next step is for them to crossover. That would’ve been impossible to imagine even just a decade ago but the existence of Gunn makes it at least possible. Plus, we now know that Superman exists in the MCU thanks to Marvel’s Eternals.

The newest MCU film features a line referencing the Man of Steel. In a recent interview, director Chloe Zhao had a chance to discuss the existence of Superman in the MCU. Gunn responded to the interview in a joking manner and teased an MCU-DCEU post-credits scene in Marvel’s Eternals.

Obviously, there’s no crossover happening anytime soon but it’s starting to look more possible than ever. Earlier in the year, veteran DC movie producer Charles Roven was able to talk about the possibility of the two cinematic universes crossing over and offered some interesting insight.

“James [Gunn] hasn’t approached me with that,” Roven told Comicbook.com in July. “But that just goes back to the comment I made earlier, why should we ever say never? What value does never have really?”

A possible MCU-DCEU crossover would likely still be years away but could be feasible in the future. That would certainly be a cinematic event for the ages.