James Gunn roasts fan who says ‘Batman’ is better than ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

James Gunn is one of the most Twitter-happy filmmakers out there, whether he’s trolling fans over the missing Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg they’ve been searching for to no avail since 2014, shutting down false rumors regarding his projects or ranking the Spider-Man movies from best to worst.

As you’d expect given his status as a public figure with an itchy Twitter finger, plenty of people try and get a rise out of him by deliberately trying to rile him up. Obviously, the fact that he was initially fired from Vol. 3 for tweets he made a decade previously means that he’s learned his lesson to keep controversy as far away from his social media as possible.

However, that didn’t stop Gunn from gently roasting someone who decided it was a solid idea to put forward one of the most banal opinions possible, as you can see below.

Besides the fact both are comic book properties, there are literally no comparisons that can be directly made between any live-action iteration of Batman and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of Galaxy, so it’s hard to see what the person in question was trying to accomplish. If it was to generate a response from Gunn, then it worked, but the sarcasm is almost dripping through the screen.