James Gunn Says Guardians 3 Sets “Too Big” For Mandalorian VFX Stage

An illustration of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ cast
Marvel Studios

We’re getting more insights into the sheer scope of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as writer and director James Gunn continues his steady stream of behind-the-scenes teasers for fans via Twitter.

Though the film isn’t set for release until 2023, Gunn has clarified that the sets will be so massive that they’re too big to use Industrial Light and Magic’s StageCraft technology, a sophisticated tool utilizing LED backdrop displays and featured prominently in The Mandalorian and even some other Marvel movies.

Check out Gunn’s response to a fan’s question about whether he would use the technology in the upcoming film below:

In response to another fan’s comment about whether he thinks the prop and set designers for Guardians “have dream jobs,” Gunn further clarified that they are likely currently so rushed to create the practical assets for the filming that is soon to come underway, that he doesn’t think they currently have such fond thoughts about the director. However, Gunn added his thanks “to all the folks working hard on those sets now!”

ILM’s StageCraft technology was initially developed for The Mandalorian and composes of a soundstage with a video wall, usually used to display fantastical worlds in the background. It’s considered revolutionary for a few reasons: the light from the background reflects in real-time on the actor’s faces, the actors can become more immersed in a scene because they’re seeing the computer-generated backdrops in real-time instead of a green screen and computer artists can also revise aspects of the digital sets on the fly and reflect those changes in real-time on the LED video wall.

With James Gunn’s tease that he’s leaning more into the practical realm of effects and sets, we’re excited to see what is sure to be an epic space adventure when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hits theaters on May 5th, 2023.