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James Gunn Shuts Down The Suicide Squad Polka-Dot Man Theory

Polk-Dot Man's connection to Milton was not what it seemed.

Polka-Dot Man

James Gunn’s film The Suicide Squad launched both in theatres and on HBO Max earlier this month and it has been hit with overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans. With the peak in interest towards the Suicide Squad, there has been no shortage of theories and predictions circulating online regarding scenes in the film and what could come in the future.

One of these, Gunn responded to on Twitter sadly shutting down the fan theory as to why Suicide Squad member and fan-favorite the Polka-Dot Man had such a strong connection to the team’s driver in the later parts of the film, Milton.

The theory suggested that the reason Polka-Dot Man was so attached to Milton came from the fact that the name of the author who created the character was Bill Finger who was also known as Milton Finger. While this theory would make a lot of sense, it was not the case and Gunn responded explaining the connection present within the film.

“I don’t think PDM thought about Milton much more than anyone else,” Gunn said. “But he’s always for grabbing an opportunity for people to feel sorry for him, thus their ‘connection’.”

Prior to the film’s release, Gunn and the actor who portrayed Polka-Dot Man in the film David Datsmalchian went into detail on the character and the decision to add him into the film.

While this one fan theory didn’t prove to be true it doesn’t mean there isn’t more to discover from the film and fans can check The Suicide Squad out now both in theatres and on HBO Max.

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