James Gunn Offers Slight Update On Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3’s Release

Star-Lord Guardians Galaxy

In an alternate timeline out there in the multiverse, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is already in the can and is due out in May 2020. However, in the universe we’re stuck in, the threequel is a few years away due to James Gunn being removed from the project for much of last year. The filmmaker is now back in the saddle, but he’s got other commitments to take care of before he returns to the Marvel fold. So, when can we expect Vol. 3 to arrive?

That’s the question on every fans’ lips, but we still don’t have a precise answer. The latest update Gunn has given on the situation comes via a recent Instragram post, but it unfortunately isn’t too helpful. In the comments, one fan asked when the Guardians will make a return to our screens and the director’s reply was that Vol. 3 will be released after The Suicide Squad, his upcoming DC sequel.

When Gunn was rehired by Marvel, it was established that he was to continue to work for DC first. He’s currently busy with pre-production on the movie, with shooting expected to begin very soon. TSS is scheduled to drop in cinemas in August 2021. As we know from the MCU’s Phase 4 line-up, and from Gunn’s recent statement, Guardians 3 will not arrive until after that releases.

Given that Marvel will be keen to get it out as soon as possible, though, our best bet is that GotG Vol. 3 will drop sometime in 2022. A recent 4Chan leak has claimed that the studio’s got a release date of July 2022 pegged and with Black Panther 2 lined up for May that same year, this would make a lot of sense. The franchise has previously occupied the May slot, but maybe it’s time to give the conclusion of the Guardians of the Galaxy saga the big summer tentpole date?