James Gunn Teases John Cena’s Role In The Suicide Squad


When The Suicide Squad arrives in August of next year, it’ll do so with a lot of new faces. Idris Elba, Peter Capaldi, Michael Rooker, Taika Waititi and more have all been cast in undisclosed roles for the film. One of the most popular though could well be John Cena, former WWE star turned actor who’s set to establish himself in Hollywood blockbusters in the next year.

As with other new cast members though, we don’t know what his role in The Suicide Squad is yet – a fact incoming director James Gunn has been keen to play up. Responding to a fan’s speculation on Twitter, Gunn teased that Cena’s part will be a smash, saying:

Whoever Cena’s character is, consider us all intrigued. Having had supporting parts in numerous films over the last decade, Mr. P finally had his first big budget break in Bumblebee, 2018’s successful Transformers spinoff/reboot. Things are set to get a lot bigger though. Alongside his part in The Suicide Squad, Cena is also appearing in next year’s F9 as the younger brother of Dom Toretto. Superhero movies, action movies, sci-fi movies. Yep, I think we can expect to see a lot more of him on our screens.

Excited for John Cena in The Suicide Squad?  Got any theories of your own as to who he might be playing? Whatever thoughts you have (I know you have them), drop them in the comments section below. Gunn, though non-committal on this particular fan’s suggestions, didn’t deny any of them, either. Perhaps Solomon Grundy is coming to the DCEU. Perhaps Cena is playing himself. I mean, he was already a real-life superhero. It’d be the creative jolt the franchise needs.