Guardians Of The Galaxy Helmer James Gunn Reveals His Favorite Movie Of 2019

James Gunn guardians

As far as superhero ensembles go, there is perhaps no one better suited to Hollywood’s dysfunctional (and costumed) families than James Gunn.

This is, after all, the director who was able to take Guardians of the Galaxy, far and away one of the most eccentric of all Marvel comics, what with its talking tree and wise-cracking raccoon, and turn them into household names. Warner Bros. and DC Films will be hoping to capture lightning in a bottle, too, after appointing Gunn at the helm of their Suicide Squad reboot, which is now filming for an August 2021 release date.

In the meantime, Gunn found some spare time on his busy schedule to swing by a screening of Parasite, the critical darling from Bong Joon-ho which just so happens to star Pom Klementieff (or Mantis, to MCU fans). And the director even went so far as to call it his favorite movie of 2019.

Thanks to Bong Joon-ho and his team for the special screening of #Parasite (@parasitemovie). Bong Joon-ho is one of the filmmakers I admire the most – Mother is perhaps my favorite film of the millennium so far, The Host is right up there with it, and now Parasite is definitely my favorite film of 2019. Sad and hilarious and horrifying and beautiful – sometimes within a single 24 frames of film. Everyone we watched it with loved it, especially me and @pom.klementieff and the shadow of @jenniferlholland, pictured here. It’s in theaters all over the world right now so please go see it!

Parasite has been attracting rave reviews from all across the four corners of the Internet, and is further proof that Joon-ho, whose previous credits include The Host and Snowpiercer, is one of the most fascinating directors working in the industry today.

Next on Gunn’s calling card is The Suicide Squad refresh for Warner Bros., before the filmmaker circles back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in time for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. For the longest time, it looked certain that Disney had severed ties with James Gunn – you can blame the director’s tasteless (and decade-old) tweets for that – but the two parties have come to an agreement to ensure Gunn is back piloting the Milano in MCU Phase 4.