James Mangold Shares Gorgeous Never Before Seen Logan Concept Art


It takes a lot for superhero films to stand out in an age where they proliferate like an infectious disease. But that’s exactly what Logan did in 2017. Hugh Jackman’s final ever outing as Wolverine was lauded for its performances, score, cinematography, script and direction. Yep, more or less the entire production.

The other day, director James Mangold took part in a Logan watch-party, which he said would be his first time watching it “in a few years.” And to whet viewers’ appetites, he shared a never-before-seen piece of concept art from the film, a gorgeous impression of the first scene.

Aside from being a wonderful piece of artwork, it’s a testament to the production team that the finished scene so closely resembles what they had envisaged here. Indeed, it’s a borderline screen-grab from the Noir version of the film. And as far as setting the tone for what follows goes, few do it better than this.

I’ve never held back on my admiration of what Mangold, Jackman and Stewart achieved with Logan. Movie after movie comes off the superhero factory line without scratching the surface of its characters. Logan leaps far beyond them, elevating its raw materials into a character study in ageing, mortality, guilt and loss. No flaccid Avengers-style storytelling, no semblance of Zack Snyder’s self-important fan-fiction, or any DC/Marvel cannon-fodder. Just a dying man trying to save the only people he has left in the world.

Got any thoughts on this new Logan concept art? Or perhaps you joined Mangold for his watch-party the other night. Whatever comments you have, leave them below. It’s about time I gave it a rewatch come to think of it. There’s a new lockdown to-do.