James Mangold Might Revisit Wolverine If Some “Brilliant Thing Came Along”


Logan is all that anyone can talk about right now. With stellar reviews across the board and massive numbers at the box office, one of Fox’s riskiest projects to date has proven to be a smashing success.

Part and parcel of that success can be traced back to the creative freedom that both Hugh Jackman and writer-director James Mangold enjoyed when crafting their R-rated Wolverine solo film. The end result was, of course, a fitting conclusion to Wolvie’s saga, ensuring that Hugh Jackman – and indeed moviegoers in general – was able to bid adieu to the iconic character once and for all. But even after such a poignant, conclusive finale, it seems Mangold isn’t ruling out the possibility of revisiting one James Howlett further down the road, but only if “some brilliant thing” came along.

While speaking with We Got This Covered in New York City during the film’s press day, the director touched on possibly revisiting the iconic character somewhere down the line, saying the following:

I think for Hugh, part of the power of what we did is the finality of what we did. So, at least at this point, talking about going back on it without knowing why or for what reason [would be silly]. I don’t know though, maybe if some brilliant thing came along, like appearing as a memory in someone else’s movie? Who knows what it could be? [Laughs]

Wolverine isn’t the only character that’s piqued Mangold’s attention, either, given the director continues to entertain the possibility of an X-23 spinoff replete with Dafne Keen. The Logan breakout arguably stole the show as Laura, the young mutant and protégé to Hugh Jackman’s stricken Wolverine. Throughout the course of the movie, Mangold was able to foster a heartfelt father-daughter dynamic between the two leading stars, so it’s small wonder why fans are eager to see Dafne Keen unsheathe her primitive adamantium claws once more.

Logan is currently playing in theaters across the globe, and its continued success has been enough to prompt talk of more R-rated superhero movies setting up shop at Fox.

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