James McAvoy Boards Submergence With Wim Wenders


The novel Submergence, by J.M Ledgard, is the latest work from the world of literature to be snapped up for a big screen adaptation, and detail on the independent project is beginning to come together. Academy Award nominee Wim Wenders (Every Thing Will Be Fine) is set to helm the production, while Erin Dignam (The Yellow Handkerchief) will pen the adapted screenplay. In addition, we now have confirmation that Golden Globe nominee James McAvoy (X-Men: Days Of Future Past) is on board for the male lead role.

The novel is a tale of two halves, employing both a dual setting and a flashback technique to depict the plight of two characters connected by a past encounter. James More (McAvoy) is a spy who had been working undercover as a water engineer, but is abducted and held hostage for a lengthy period of time by Al Qaeda operatives. Danielle Flinders is a biomathematician embarking on a mission to explore the deepest areas of the ocean in search of microbial life. As the two characters descend into dangerous scenarios in different parts of the world – involving time spent confined to small spaces – they reflect, in flashback, on their brief and intense romantic interlude while individually vacationing in France.

The prospect of Submergence being played out on the cinema screen is intriguing, to say the least. As a novel, it has been critically acclaimed and warmly received, but as a film, it will really hold something for everyone. The tale features action, drama, romance, espionage, science, war and philosophy – while the assignment of Wim Wenders to the director’s chair essentially guarantees a very specific, measured tone that should echo the claustrophobic nature of the situations that the two characters find themselves in. It will be fascinating to discover which actress will be cast to play Danielle Flinders, whose pursuit of scientific discovery is juxtaposed against the violence experienced by James More. This announcement should follow soon, however, as the filmmakers are said to be planning for a spring 2016 production start date.