James McAvoy Is Happy To Keep Playing Xavier After X-Men: Apocalypse


As we approach the release of Fox’s next mutant blockbuster, X-Men: Apocalypse, talk has turned – as expected – to the future of the franchise. Namely, which of the series’ stars are likely to return for further sequels.

Jennifer Lawrence recently did a 180 on her past stance, wherein she stated that she’d be quite happy to never get painted blue ever again. Now, though, she says she’s “dying” to continue playing Mystique. When asked about that topic by French magazine L’internaute, James McAvoy weighed in on Lawrence’s comments :

“Yeah, I’ve heard…people have said she’s not into it, stuff like that,” McAvoy said. “She’s always said to me that she would think about it. So yeah, that sounds great. I hope she does, because I love working with Jennifer. You know, we’ve been like an extended sort of family, in a weird way, for six or seven years now,” he said. “Every two years, we get back together and hang out making a movie, then in six months’ time or a year’s time, we all go on the road promoting it, and we see each other again. I’d be really said not to see her every couple of years.”

That seems to be standard for a lot of casts in major franchises, who regularly get shipped off to film on location and wind up bonding. Whether or not that works into Fox’s plans for more X-Men movies is certainly an interesting thing to ponder.

There’s not just McAvoy to consider though, as he and Lawrence have shared the screen with fellow headliners Michael Fassbender and Nicholas Hoult over the course of the X-Men prequel trilogy. But if it were down to him? It seems like he’s happy to continue as Professor X:

“If they want me to, I’ll do more, yeah.”

In any case, the success of X-Men: Apocalypse once it hits multiplexes will be the deciding factor for Fox. I guess we’ll find out what the studio’s plans are when those opening numbers arrive on the weekend of May 27th.