James Vanderbilt Hired To Write A Sequel To The Amazing Spider-Man

The writer of the new Spider-Man movie, James Vanderbilt, has already been hired to work on the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. Even though the first movie for the rebooted franchise won’t be released until July 3, 2012, the writer of Zodiac, Basic and Welcome to the Jungle has already pitched his outline for a second film and the studio has approved it.

The Amazing Spider-Man hasn’t even finished principal photography yet. But if we read between the lines, and have a bit of faith for the reboot of our beloved wall-crawler, this could be great news. Not because now we know there is going to be a second movie, but because producers are willing to spend money on a sequel for a film that has not even been filmed yet.

Of course they might be doing it only because it’s Spider-Man, and they are almost certain that it’s going to be a box office hit (and it will), but what if they really do believe that what they have in their hands, is actually good, and worthy of a sequel. I choose to believe the latter. Maybe it’s because the Spidey-fanboy inside me wants this movie to kick ass but either way, with the cast assembled here I think the producers have made a good bet. I’m almost positive that the film will be a hit.

What do you think?

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