James Wan Shoots Down Rumor That Warner Bros. Heavily Cut Aquaman


Though Entourage initially dismissed the concept as absurd, an Aquaman movie is making its way to theaters in a couple of months. In the time leading up to release, however, the DCEU’s gone through their team-up pic bombing, their Batman musing on departing and their Superman possibly being done as well.

While it seems there’s bad news after bad news in comparison to Marvel, sometimes some of what comes out is just gossip on the internet. Or at least, we hope that’s the case when it comes to a new report on James Wan’s upcoming fish-centric film.

According to recent content posted on the director’s Twitter, someone on the social networking site/cesspool of human garbage said Warner Bros. cut 20 minutes of content from the movie. While we’ve seen such behavior before, most notably with David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, Wan firmly denied this was the case for his pic, Tweeting: “Not true.”

Honestly, I’m inclined to believe the man. Sad as it is to say, superhero films are as polarized as anything else in our society today. There’s always some group of idiots who treat each release and the reception and money it makes like the next battle in a civil war and it is, quite frankly, bullshit. Not to mention that actual reporters – you know, people who cover information for a living and actually confirm it before randomly posting online – allege that Wan has a tight degree of control over the movie. He fought for it and Matt Reeves later used his position as leverage in negotiations to direct The Batman.

So, when it comes to films like this, for the love of God, stop believing morons/likely MAGAloids online. They know nothing, are in service of nothing and only enjoy when a movie outside of their favored slice tanks. If Aquaman is good, great. If not, people will move on. After all, it’s only a movie.

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