James Wan Producing A Ghost Story Starring Frank Grillo And Maria Bello

No matter how busy horror dynamo James Wan appears to be, his name just can’t stay out of headlines. Not only is Wan slated to release two films he directed this coming summer – The Conjuring on July 19th, 2013 and Insidious Chapter 2 on August 30th 2013 – but the director is also apparently investing his time in other projects as he seems fit. Don’t burn yourself out James Wan, we promise you’re doing enough as it is!

But with that warning aside, The Film Stage has confirmed that James Wan will be producing an upcoming “ghost story” with only a simple synopsis to go on so far.

What do we know? Maria Bello (A History Of Violence) and Frank Grillo (The Grey) have signed on to play the lead roles in this new Dimension Films horror tale, following a strongly paranormal route undoubtedly holding jump-scares and shriek-worthy terror.

Looking to mix typical horror tropes with a more psychological horror feel, the film will surround the deaths of five ghost hunters after their adventure goes horribly wrong. One survivor is found though, and it’s up to a policeman and a psychologist to interrogate the last man standing and figure out what caused such a horrific event.

The film is penned by Max La Bella (Children’s Hospital/NTSF:SD:SVU Post-Production Supervisor) based on an original idea by Wan himself, with Will Canon (Brotherhood) directing. I’ll admit I’d much rather see James Wan sitting in the director’s chair, but hell, if the idea itself was birthed in his mind, I can feel just a tad bit better. Wan wouldn’t take on a producing role for a film he wasn’t interested in or believed in, right?

So even though James Wan is hard at work with Insidious Chapter 2 and The Conjuring, we’ll still see more of his brainchildren frolicking around the horror genre by way of foster parents Max La Bella and Will Canon. Sure, Wan could have waited for all the summer craziness to die down and then possibly tackle this current project, but the dude deserves a break. Let someone else do the work here James, but keep a watchful eye!