Jamie Foxx Enters The Race For Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver


Jamie Foxx has been curiously absent from the big screen following a turn in last year’s musical Annie. The Oscar-winner could be playing it safe though, after a string of roles in underperforming sequels like The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Rio 2, and Horrible Bosses 2. Choosing to be selective over his upcoming projects during that period out of the spotlight, Foxx has zoned in on a potential return to his former glory, as Deadline reports that he’s currently engaged in talks to co-star in Baby Driver.

Written and directed by Edgar Wright, Ansel Elgort scored the titular role a while back as a music-obsessed getaway driver who assists a criminal kingpin on snatch-and-grab missions. If you hadn’t guessed, Foxx’s people are working to land him the role of Elgort’s mentor who encourages him to risk his life out on the streets. Together with Lily James – who’s rumored to be serving up coffee and pie as a diner waitress/romantic interest – Wright is closing in on an intriguing mix of solid Hollywood players and up-and-comers.

Foxx is currently at work on the US remake of French flick Nuit Blanche under the direction of Baran Bo Odar. Entitled Sleepless Nights, the thriller casts Foxx as a cop with ties to the criminal underworld who seeks out his kidnapped son. Clearly the crime-gangster milieu is an attractive opportunity for the actor, albeit with Wright’s upcoming project likely to offer up more comedic elements.

Working Title and Big Talk Productions are gearing up for production to begin on Baby Driver this fall in New Orleans.