Jamie Foxx Plans To Play Mike Tyson So Convincingly That He’ll Fool His Kids

Jamie Foxx

Boxing champion Mike Tyson is finally getting his own biopic. After six years of being in development, the film is moving into production with Jamie Foxx set to portray the legendary athlete. Of course, biopic roles often promise awards, and Foxx certainly knows this. In fact, in a recent interview, the actor said he plans to play his part so convincingly that he’ll be able to fool even Tyson’s own children.

In order to do this, Foxx not only needs to act like the boxer but look like him as well. This is easier said than done, though, as the sports legend possessed an incredible physique when he was in his prime. Still, the Project Power star is determined to get it right.

Many Hollywood actors have had to build up muscle for their roles, but tend to make it look easier than it is. During interviews, they claim the secret to their success is dedication while smartly omitting the money poured into personal trainers, controlled diets and, in extreme cases, drugs and hormones.

Foxx didn’t mention whether his own routine includes any of these elements, but did explain a bit about how he plans to get in shape, saying:

“Obviously, the training is different. We’re doing weighted pull ups to sort of make the back look the right way, and make the arm look a certain way. But it is, to me, I guarantee you, it’s the most dedicated I’ve been to making sure that this story gets told, and gets told in the right way.”

The actor then went on to reveal how he once joked to Mike Tyson about how he plans to play him so convincingly that not even his kids will recognize it’s him, stating:

“When I get dressed up as you, I’m going to walk into your house, and your kids are going to say daddy’s home.”

Whether he can manage to fool the boxer’s children remains to be seen. That said, Jamie Foxx has proven himself a talented actor who goes above and beyond for his roles. As such, there can be no doubt that he’ll give it his all for this project, too.