Jamie Foxx May Play Martin Luther King Jr. For Oliver Stone


There are currently several films in development about Martin Luther King Jr. and one of the more prominent ones is the biopic from Warner Bros. and DreamWorks. Originally, both studios tried to get their own films off the ground but a couple of years ago, they decided to join forces and to just make one movie. Now, we’re finally hearing that the long-gestating project is moving forward as Jamie Foxx is in talks to star for director Oliver Stone.

Of course, the two have worked together in the past on the excellent football film Any Given Sunday, which is where Foxx really got his first big break. To see that they’re hoping to team up again is definitely exciting, especially because Stone is no stranger to tackling important political figures (JFK, Nixon, W.) and Foxx is arguably at the top of his game right now.

What’s important to note is that the film has the full cooperation of King’s family, which means that it probably can’t show the man’s flaws, which is something that Paul Greengrass’ competing MLK film Memphis, plans to do. Then again, Stone is known for controversy so it should be interesting to see how safe he plays it.

Regardless of which direction the film takes, it sounds like a surefire Oscar contender and you can bet that we’ll be keeping our eye on it.

As we wait for details to firm up, and for Stone and Foxx to officially sign on, tell us, do you want to see Jamie Foxx portray Martin Luther King Jr.?