Jamie Foxx Reportedly Wanted For Lead Role In HBO Max Bronze Tiger Movie

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Warner Bros. has pulled out all the stops when crafting the best content for their HBO Max streaming service and the DC train keeps on rolling with new projects in development. According to a recent report, one of those projects is a film based around the character Bronze Tiger, and apparently, they’re eyeing Jamie Foxx for the lead role.

This wouldn’t be the first time venturing into superhero territory for Foxx with his starring role as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, however, this would be the first time for the actor to take part in a DC film. According to Giant Freakin Robot’s report, it wasn’t clear whether Foxx had been approached or was aware of Warner Bros.’s idea to cast him as the character, though they were certain this was the case.

While Bronze Tiger is one of the more obscure characters within DC’s roster, he has still appeared on screen before notably within the CW’s Arrow series. In this appearance, the character was portrayed by actor Michael Jai White.

Bronze Tiger is an antihero that is mostly depicted in the comics alongside the Suicide Squad. Given this connection, there is plenty of room for the character to appear in other projects coming to HBO Max so it makes sense they’re looking to cast a seasoned actor such as Foxx for the role.

Being in the earliest stages of production, there isn’t any information on what the film will look like or what other characters may appear within it, though if Jamie Foxx does sign on to take part it will most definitely be something to look forward to.