Jamie Lee Curtis Addresses Her Future With The Halloween Movies

With Halloween Kills hitting theaters and Peacock for viewers not making it to the theater, all eyes are on Michael Myers and his insatiable thirst for a gory kill. 

Of course, all eyes are also on Jamie Lee Curtis, who reprised her role as Laurie Strode for this set of Halloween films that pick up after the original movie. She’s had a connection to the Halloween franchise for most of her life, and it’s been both career and life-altering.

In an interview with Variety, Curtis was asked about the premiere of Halloween Ends, which will take place in 2022, and if she thinks she’ll be ready to say goodbye to Laurie Strode by then.

“I never thought I would be Laurie Strode again in my life when the phone rang and Jake Gyllenhaal called me and said, “Hey, Jamie, my friend David would like to talk to you.” The last thing in the world I thought I would do is a “Halloween” movie. I had other things going on. So I can’t imagine that happening again in the same creative vein that this happened with a great filmmaker, with a trilogy of films, all written and directed by the same filmmaker. It would be hard to imagine somebody else coming up with another iteration of those stories. But at the same time, I never thought I’d be doing this one. So to say never would be stupid. I’ve learned not to say never because you know, here I am wearing orange!”

While it seems like many pieces of the puzzle would have to come together brilliantly to make something this incredible happen again — it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

To add on to that, Curtis said this to USA Today, and again made a note that saying never, well — it’s never a solid move where this franchise is concerned.

“If I’ve learned one thing in 43 years, it’s you just never say goodbye. I’ll say goodbye when I’m dead.”

Since horror often bends the rules where life and death are concerned — it’s entirely possible that we won’t be saying a proper goodbye to Laurie Strode for a long time to come.

Halloween Kills is available on Peacock and in theaters now.