Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates Halloween Kills’ Bumper Box Office

halloween kills
Image via Universal Pictures

A high profile horror sequel releasing smack dab in the middle of October is almost always guaranteed to do decent business at the box office, but Halloween Kills is still on track to fly much higher than expected.

The middle chapter in David Gordon Green’s trilogy is poised to sail past $50 million through its first three days in theaters, which would be more than enough to make it the highest-grossing hybrid release of the pandemic era that wasn’t locked behind a paywall.

That’s an impressive return, especially when reviews generally haven’t been too kind, but the studio doesn’t give a sh*t what the critics think if the movie in question makes a ton of money. Jamie Lee Curtis was quick to celebrate the news, taking to Instagram and thanking fans for turning Halloween Kills into such a huge success, as you can see below.

It’ll be curious to discover how many new subscribers Peacock gains as a result of Halloween Kills, with a first frame in excess of $50 million perhaps indicating that people would much rather check the film out on the big screen than add yet another streaming service to their list of monthly outgoings. Either way, it’s a massive win for all involved, and the pressure is now on for Halloween Ends to continue the franchise’s winning streak next year.