Jamie Lee Curtis Promises That Halloween Ends Will Be Sensational

Halloween 2018

Michael Myers, despite getting his fingers blown off and (assumedly) burned to a crisp last fall, will be returning for Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, as will his nemesis Laurie Strode. And it turns out that Jamie Lee Curtis, the horror icon who plays the traumatized Strode, is even more excited for the sequels than we are.

Sitting down with Collider, the actress had a lot to say about both upcoming films, along with her reasoning for returning to the series last year. Apparently, it all boils down to character and consequences:

I didn’t go into it because I got to kick Michael’s bottom. I was particularly drawn because it was a movie about trauma. We have horror movies that are horrific and we have these horrific events take place, but we leave the movie theater and then we complain that the dishwasher doesn’t work. The trauma that occurs for these character for forty years, I felt was very important that David understood that and was really giving Laurie great honor to acknowledge that her experience of her life was very challenged.

That was clearly seen through Laurie’s strained relationship with her daughter and her daughter’s family. We’re apparently going to dig even further into the hardships of being a survivor in Kills, too, with Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace, the children Laurie babysat in the very first Halloween (the 1978 one not the…yeah) returning as well:

What I love that David and Danny and company did is they connected the dots for forty years, now they’re going back to really unpack the first movie, bringing back all those characters whose lives were affected by what happened in 1978.

Then, for the finale (but probably not the last Hallo-movie), Halloween Ends, Curtis is promising something a little bit different, saying:

And then the last movie is the sort of cultural phenomenon of violence, that’s what the third movie ultimately is, a very powerful examination of violence. It comes at it from a slightly different way. You’ll like it…. If you believe in me at all, I promise you what David Gordon Green has come up with as a way to complete this trilogy is sensational.

I mean, I hope they’d do something different for at least one of ’em. My biggest issue with both Halloweens 4-6 and Zombie’s remake is that most things felt relatively safe, and they all treaded well-trodden territory…or they were just, ya know, poorly made films.

I didn’t think Halloween’18 was the best movie ever, nor is it very high in my series ranking. It wasn’t awful, though and while I know Jamie Lee Curtis is just selling us a product here, gosh dang if she doesn’t make a good case for both Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends being some films worth getting excited over.