Jamie Lee Curtis To Play Laurie Strode In Halloween Reboot

Halloween Reboot in the Works from Blumhouse and John Carpenter

Not all horror films need some supernatural or paranormal element to them. In fact, some of the genre’s best efforts have been the most simple ones, with a grounded threat that feels real and believable. For many, that’s the scariest thing and it’s what made some of the classics from the 70s and 80s into the iconic films that they are today. Sometimes, all you really need is a psycho with a blade just killing people for no apparent reason.

No one knows that better than John Carpenter, who struck gold with Halloween, one of the greatest horror movies of all-time. It needs no introduction at this point, and as fans will know, Danny McBride and David Gordon Green are getting ready to put their own spin on the classic. The plan is to have the film hit theatres in 2018 – October, to be specific – and today, in a very surprising announcement, it’s been revealed that Jamie Lee Curtis will reprise her role of Laurie Strode.

Yes, that’s right, the actress will return to the franchise for the upcoming reboot, where she’ll “have her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.” Not much else was revealed, but we did get a pretty awesome new photo along with the announcement, which you can see above, in addition to confirmation that the movie will indeed be titled, Halloween.

Given that no plot details have been made available just yet, it’s hard to say how the character will return and what kind of role she’ll play. Still, having Curtis on board is very exciting and should make fans happy. Though there was certainly some hesitation at the thought of another reboot early on, things are looking pretty promising for Halloween right now and we can’t wait to learn more.