Jamie Lee Curtis Shares First BTS Photo Of Laurie In Halloween Kills


Boo! Did I scare you? No? Well, I’m no Boogeyman. But say, did you hear that the actual Boogeyman is coming back next year in Halloween Kills? I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground on all news scary and spooky lately and while we already brought you a terrifying hospital yesterday, today we have something a little more substantial coming right from the OG Scream Queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis. And it’s our first look at Laurie Strode in the upcoming sequel, albeit a behind the scenes look.

Earlier today, the actress shared a photo of herself adorned in makeup from inside of a trailer, showing off just exactly how battered, bruised and beaten Laurie got during her rough-and-tumble session with Michael at the end of 2018’s Halloween. I’ve never seen the horror heroine looking so beat up before, bloody maybe, but not under the skin (which is what a bruise is, right?). “Never say die,” she added on the tweet. Gosh dang, Laurie sure is one tough cookie.

This picture definitely adds a lot of credence to my thought yesterday that after seeing Haddonfield Memorial Hospital coming back, Halloween Kills will really be leaning into the Halloween II (the 1981 one, not the other one that doesn’t exist) influence that the presence of the hospital adds. How everything will come together in the end remains to be seen, but so far, things are looking pretty exciting.

Halloween Kills is due out next year – October 16th, 2020 – just in time for the titular holiday. Michael will be back, fingerless, of course, and as Jamie Lee says, she’s already fighting for her life once again. Can’t she ever get a break?

Source: Twitter