Star Wars: Episode IX Has Lined Up Another Major Stormtrooper Cameo


The Stormtrooper cameo has become a tradition of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, allowing Lucasfilm to give roles to any random celebrities they feel like in a way that doesn’t distract from the drama. Daniel Craig, for example, wore the white helmet in The Force Awakens, while Prince William and Harry had similar parts in The Last Jedi. As for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX, it’s reported that TV chef Jamie Oliver has managed to get in on the action.

Though the British restaurateur isn’t known for his acting, he’s at least a verified fan of the space saga, and especially its Stormtroopers, having walked his teenage daughters to school while dressed in the full outfit back in 2015. Incidentally, another famous figure alleged earlier this month to have a cameo in J.J. Abrams’ next film is Ed Sheeran. And while the singer-songwriter actually has a little acting experience under his belt, including a role last year in Game of Thrones, there’s a good chance that he’ll be every bit as difficult to notice as Oliver will presumably be.

Of course, while Easter Eggs like this are perfectly welcome, fans are currently more concerned with what’s to become of the main players in the saga. For this next installment, you can expect the primary focus to be on Rey and Kylo Ren completing their parallel arcs, with the latter’s story looking all but guaranteed to end badly. At the same time, the film will be reintroducing old faces like Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian, while also providing a sendoff to franchise regulars like Leia Organa.

All in all, Star Wars: Episode IX is looking like a pretty busy movie, but we’ll find out if Abrams pulls off the grand finale when the film hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

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