Jane Krakowski Joins Adam Sandler In Pixels

jane krakowski

Audiences who have been missing their daily dose of Jenna insanity ever since NBC’s 30 Rock wrapped up are in luck – Deadline is reporting that Jane Krakowski has signed on to play another crazy character in the upcoming movie Pixels.

The actress will play the First Lady of the United States (to give you some perspective, the President is being played by Kevin James), who previously had a romantic relationship with the lead character (Adam Sandler). Though Pixels was originally dismissed as an Adam Sandler film, we actually do have reason to be excited for it. The flick, directed by Harry Potter helmer Chris Columbus, focuses on a group of old-school video gamers who become essential to combatting a powerful alien race which attacks after misinterpreting feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of intergalactic war.

So far, the cast that has been announced for Pixels is pretty inpressive. In addition to Sandler, James and now Krakowski, the movie stars Michelle Monaghan (as a military weapons developer and love interest for Sandler) Peter Dinklage (as Sandler’s character’s old gaming rival), Brian Cox (as a decorated military man), Ashley Benson (as Lady Lisa, a beautiful warrior from fictional video game Dojo Quest) and Josh Gad (as a sad-sack conspiracy theorist).

Additionally, with Columbus behind the wheel, Pixels is shaping up to be a visually impressive affair. It has a sizable budget from Columbia Pictures and Happy Madison, which hired Tim Dowling to rewrite the script (originally by Tim Herlihy) in order to reportedly give Pixels more of a crowd-friendly Ghostbusters feel.

Pixels is set to open on May 15th, 2015. It will be going up against two extremely formidable adversaries – Mad Max: Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2 – so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Columbia and Happy Madison opted to move Pixels away from that date, but for now, the studios are banking on Sandler’s star appeal to overcome the competition.

Source: Deadline