Jane Levy Is Game To Play Batgirl In The DCEU


Despite there being a multitude of DC films involving Harley Quinn supposedly in development, one could say that Birds of Prey beat out the rest of the pack because it was the one that actually had backing from fan favorite actress Margot Robbie herself, who’d been pulling for an R-rated girl gang flick.

Now, one would’ve expected for Suicide Squad 2 to have come first, but this project has really been taking shape as of late, with none other than Cathy Yan being enlisted as the director. And from the sound of it, other major positions will soon be filled as well, chief among them Black Canary. Catwoman’s invitation, however, has supposedly been lost in the mail, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed hoping she’ll somehow show up.

Fortunately, we can at least celebrate knowing that Harley Quinn and Batgirl will be the central characters, with the search to find someone to don the cape and cowl of the latter no doubt heating up in the not too distant future. And if anyone in Hollywood’s listening, then take notice of Jane Levy, for she’s a prime candidate for that very role.

When recently responding to an article published by a Heroic Hollywood’s Louis Otero saying she should play Batgirl over on Twitter, Levy raised some emoji horns and simply replied with “cool – I’m down.”

Personally, I wholeheartedly support this casting choice because not only did I absolutely love Jane in Fun Size and the Evil Dead remake, but she looks like Barbara Gordon as if pulled right from a comic book. Really, Cathy Yan would be hard pressed to find someone better suited to play Babs, so it’d be best Levy go to the front of the line at the time of auditions.

When it comes to Birds of Prey itself, no release date has been given, but 2020 seems to be a solid bet if the studio can keep the project on track.

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