Japanese horror icon ‘Ringu’ comes to ‘Dead by Daylight’ in 2022, and fans can’t wait


Horror fans everywhere are installing padlocks on their dust-covered VCRs, after it was announced the next crossover for Dead by Daylight will be with none other than the classic Japanese Horror franchise Ringu.

The 1998 movie was a seminal work in all things creepy and even received an acclaimed American remake in 2002, called The Ring.

The film centers around a malevolent little girl with psychokinetic abilities called Sadako, who dwells at the bottom of a well, waiting for when someone watches one of the cursed videotapes she’s unleashed onto the world in order to terrorize and kill them — beginning with a phone call saying you’ll die in seven days.

It’s honestly a great idea for a villain in an asymmetric multiplayer horror game, such is the case for Dead by Daylight.

Fans were understandably excited on Twitter due to the news. So much so that one Twitter user apparently wanted to shout their excitement from the rooftops, judging by the video they shared.

Another user was just glad to see an actually scary property making its way to the game, which hopefully signals a return to form for the multi-platform title.

Another fan could barely hold back tears at the prospect of getting chased by the creepy girl known for her long black hair covering her disfigured and horrifying face, as well as a janky-looking gait that would make anyone sprint away in fear.

One very inconsiderate soul even shared snippets of the aforementioned videotape, making this writer want to throw away his phone in order to avert the dreaded call from Sadako.

And by the way, could we just get a quick word from the devs that Sadako won’t crawl directly out of the TV screen should we happen to purchase the expansion?

Ringu comes to Dead by Daylight in March 2022.