Jared Leto Reveals First Look At Dr. Michael Morbius In New Morbius Set Photo


Sony’s Morbius movie has now completed its first week of filming, and to mark this production milestone, actor Jared Leto has taken to Twitter to share a heavily obscured glimpse of himself in the title role.

Though the production slate leaves much to the imagination, it’s still nice to get an update on the second feature film of Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters. Leto has also implied that principal photography is expected to take place over a total period of 12 weeks, tweeting the following:

“1 week down…11 to go.. Get Ready #MORBIUS”

The (former?) Joker actor assumes the role of the film’s titular vampire, a character who, much like fellow SUMC star Venom, was first introduced in the comics as an enemy of Spider-Man. Leto will reportedly be joined by Matt Smith of Doctor Who fame, along with Pacific Rim: Uprising‘s Adria Arjona and Mad Men actor Jared Harris.

While the box office success of Venom has got the SUMC off to a strong start – lousy reviews notwithstanding – Morbius remains a pivotal entry in proving the sustainability of this new cinematic universe. Whereas Venom was a character with a lot of name recognition even before he made the jump to live-action with 2007’s Spider-Man 3, Morbius doesn’t have the same level of fame on his side, suggesting that the marketing team may have a tougher time selling this one to filmgoers, but hey, you could’ve said the same about the first Iron Man.

In any case, with eleven more weeks of filming to go, here’s hoping we’ll be seeing a lot more from the set than just the top half of Jared Leto’s face, but either way, all will be revealed when Morbius hits theaters on July 31st, 2020.