Jason Bateman Will Also Have The Longest Week

Jason Bateman will reunite with his Change Up co-star Olivia Wilde in The Longest Week. The film will be written and directed by Peter Glanz, who is using his short film, A Relationship In Four Days as the basis for the movie.

Kids Pick Flicks announced Bateman will play Conrad Valmont, a wealthy and aimless man who lives in his parents’ prestigious Manhattan hotel. However, in just one week, he’s evicted, disinherited and in love. This will be Bateman’s second collaboration with Wilde.

The film’s budget is rumoured to be under $5 million, which leads me to believe that the material must be pretty good, considering both Wilde and Bateman signed on to such a low budget film, which is also the feature film directional debut for Glanzo.

The Longest Week is expected to be released in 2012 and we’ll keep you posted on more news regarding the film as it surfaces.