Jason Blum reveals the 2 horror franchises he’s been trying to reboot for years

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Beginning with the launch of the Paranormal Activity franchise in 2009, Blumhouse Productions has become the master of modern horror filmmaking, with the studio responsible for many of the genre’s biggest successes over the past decade. Insidious, The Purge, Happy Death Day, Get Out… the list goes on. But on top of their many original IPs, Blumhouse has also dabbled in rebooting some classic horror franchises, too. Most notably with Halloween.

Still, despite the company’s ever-growing table of sinister film series, there are a couple of properties that Blumhouse founder Jason Blum has been desperate to get his hands on for years but has never been able to. During an AMA-style Q&A session on Twitter this weekend, Blum was asked if he might give Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street the Halloween treatment someday. Blum admitted that he’s “been trying to make both for years,” but he “can’t get [the] rights.”

It’s a crying shame Blum hasn’t been able to nab the rights to both Jason Vorhees and Freddy Krueger as both of them could really do with a Halloween 2018-style relaunch. The last time we saw either slasher icon on the big screen was in a pair of lacklustre reboots — 2009’s Friday the 13th and 2010’s Nightmare on Elm Street. Wiping the slate clean proved to be the wrong choice so a Blumhouse legacy sequel that maybe brings back some old faces, like when Jamie Lee Curtis returned as Halloween‘s Laurie Strode, would be just the thing.

While these two properties remain out of reach, horror fans can rest assured that Blumhouse has a reboot of a different legendary franchise on the way. Halloween director David Gordon Green is helming a new The Exorcist trilogy, with the first one of those scheduled to arrive in theaters in October 2023.

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