Jason Blum Shares Another Photo From The Set Of Halloween


Production continues apace on the set of the upcoming Halloween sequel, and today, we have a brand new set photo to prove it.

Currently lensing across parts of South Carolina, the slasher pic is arriving by way of David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, with Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions on board to produce. In fact, it’s him who we have to thank for the latest snap from the set, as he posted it on his Twitter account not too long ago and you can check it out in the gallery down below – along with a few from earlier this week.

Much like everything else we’ve seen, it’s pretty unremarkable and not at all revealing, only showing us Blum’s chair along with one that belongs to the master of horror himself, John Carpenter. Still, if nothing else, it’s yet another sign that production is firing on all cylinders and with any luck, we might just get something in the way of official promo material soon.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know very much about the new Halloween at this early stage, as plot details and the like have been hard to come by. We have been promised a faithful, horror-oriented sequel, though, and seeing how much enthusiasm both Green and McBride have for the project has us feeling confident that it’ll be a cut above the past few entries in the franchise. After all, fans need a win here after suffering through efforts like Resurrection and The Curse of Michael Myers and with any luck, the filmmakers will deliver just that.

Get excited, folks. This Halloween season will be surely be a special one, as Blumhouse Productions are about to welcome viewers back to Haddonfield on October 19th. The upcoming pic has all the makings of a hit, too, and though some have taken issue with the decision to bypass all other sequels in the franchise, the creative retcon lends Green and McBride a relatively blank slate – even if it winds up tweaking the ending to Carpenter’s classic.