Jason Blum Reveals The Stephen King Novel He’s Dying to Adapt

Stephen King

Stephen King has proven to be a powerhouse of horror, supernatural thrillers, and arguably a grade A storyteller all around, with more than four decades of sprawling fiction novels under his belt. And there’s no shortage of TV and movie adaptations of his work, either, such as classics like The Shining, Carrie, and even The Green Mile.

However, there’s one property in particular that film producer Jason Blum has been eyeing for a long time, apparently.

According to ComicBook, Blumhouse Productions already is already underway developing cinematic translations of the King novels Firestarter and Christine, which have both previously seen adaptions. However, it’s The Dead Zone that Blum says he would really love to adapt, despite not obtaining the rights at this time.

“We didn’t get it, but I’d love to do The Dead Zone. That would be cool, to reboot that in some way would be cool… We don’t have it, I know we don’t have it. It’s sad that we don’t have it but we don’t.”

The story centers around a man who gains the ability to see into people’s future when he touches them after waking from a five-year coma from a car accident. The Dead Zone was previously adapted into a 1983 David Cronenberg movie starring Christopher Walken as well as a 2002 TV series, starring Anthony Michael Hall, that ran for six seasons on the USA Network.

We’ll be sure to keep you abreast of any further developments regarding Stephen King adaptations of all your favorite horror stories, whether they come to Blumhouse, streaming or otherwise.