Jason Blum Wants Jamie Lee Curtis In The Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie


With the new Halloween currently enjoying an outstanding run at the box office, it’s clear that Blumhouse Productions has every reason to push forward with their horror projects. What’s more, while Five Nights at Freddy’s doesn’t seem like the most obvious of properties for the studio to take on next, this PC game adaptation could end up having more in common with Michael Myers’ latest outing than you might’ve thought.

To elaborate, producer Jason Blum recently said that Jamie Lee Curtis could be joining the cast of the Chris Columbus-helmed flick. Speaking to IGN, the Blumhouse founder explained that the actress is actually a pretty big Five Nights fan.

“[She is a] huge fan. I just sent Scott this big thing that Jamie Lee signed. Scott Cathon came to see Halloween in Texas, Austin at Fantastic Fest, and he really liked it,” Blum said. “Jamie and I did a Q&A afterwards, unfortunately he wasn’t there, but she talked about her love of Five Nights At Freddy’s.”

When asked if Blum envisions a role for the Halloween star in the upcoming feature, the producer seemed optimistic:

“I hope so. I’m thinking about it. I had the same thought as you did [laughs].”

While Blum spoke only in vague terms about when we should expect these plans to come into fruition, he did claim that work on the movie will begin pretty soon:

“There is a new script, which I haven’t read yet, but Scott [Cawthon] is about to give us a new script, and it’s moving full steam ahead, and there is not a day that goes by that we don’t talk about some aspect of Five Nights At Freddy’s and hopefully we’ll make the movie pretty, pretty soon, I would say. I don’t how soon, but pretty soon.”

Funnily enough, though Curtis herself admits that her Halloween appearances will be what she’s primarily remembered for, the star also says that she’s actually not a fan of scary movies. In fact, after 1981’s Halloween II, Curtis practically swore off horror for several years for fear of being typecast. Nonetheless, the actress these days seems very proud to be involved in David Gordon Green’s new sequel, taking to Twitter recently to boast of its various box office achievements.

As for Five Nights At Freddy’s, there’s honestly some debate to had over whether there’s ever been a genuinely good film adaptation of a video game, and seeing how Chris Columbus’ last directorial feature was 2015’s widely panned Pixels, the odds aren’t looking too great for this one to break the trend. Still, as a property known for its jump-scares, perhaps the franchise’s big screen debut will manage to surprise us.

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