Jason Goes To Hell Could Be Getting A Creighton Duke Spinoff


A Friday the 13th film that barely features its own title character in physical form, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday isn’t exactly a fan favorite and the critics weren’t too pleased either, making it all the more perplexing that the 1993 slasher sequel might be getting its own spinoff.

The movie in question would be the second outing for Creighton Duke, a bounty hunter who dresses like a cowboy and has a serious grudge against the murderous Jason Voorhees. Director Adam Marcus has remained a vocal fan of the character throughout the years, and going by the filmmaker’s statements on the the Cinema Toast Crunchcast, he now wants to channel his enthusiasm into an entire feature:

I have a movie… you’re the first ones I’ve talked about this to… that is a completely Creighton Duke-inspired movie. We’re doing that next year. I can tell you that I’m talking with Steven Williams about this. I’m dead serious about this movie. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years. For me, that was the character that I gave a crap about. That’s the guy that I adore. And, I’m tellin’ ya, I have something up my sleeve that’s gonna knock people out.

Even in an era where spinoffs and cinematic universes are all the rage, this seems a little out of the blue, though it’s hard to question Marcus’ enthusiasm for the ninth Friday the 13th film. Late last year, the director was dropping all sorts of tidbits on the movie, from Creighton Duke’s unfortunate history with Jason to the contentious revelation that the franchise’s star killer is actually an Evil Dead-style Deadite.

You might see a Creighton flick as a great way to salvage one of the more memorable elements from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, or you might regard it as an unwanted continuation of one of the franchise’s least loved chapters. But given the legal limbo that the series is currently in, this could be the closest thing we get to a new Friday the 13th film for a long time.

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