This Jason Goes To Hell Halloween Mask Is The Stuff Of Nightmares


Halloween 2017 was dominated by Pennywise and Diana Prince of Themyscira, while Jigsaw laid claim to the horror throne once again with a long-awaited, and sadly underwhelming, horror sequel.

But it seems special effects maestro Steven Kostanski (The Void, ABCs of Death 2 – W is for Wish) one-upped just about everyone with his eerily life-like Halloween costume. Inspired by Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, the ’93 slasher film that presented a deep dive into Voorhees’ supernatural roots, Kostanski has posted close-up photos of his mask, and the makeup work here is undoubtedly impressive.

Created in collaboration with Pierce Dirks, Bloody Disgusting was the first to uncover this gruesome guise, and thank heavens they did. We’ve included all four photos in the gallery below, but fair warning: the faint of heart need not apply. Indeed, if you’re at all squeamish, you’d be best skipping this one altogether, otherwise you risk ruining your breakfast.

Pretty incredible, no? Steven Kostanski is arguably a master of his craft when it comes to horror prosthetics, and though the end product failed to live up to the hype, The Void is another great example of Kostanski’s visual flare. With that in mind, we can only hope the writer-director will be back behind the lens soon to serve up another dose of nightmare fuel.

For now, though, this uncanny Halloween costume will have to do. Besides, after Paramount scrapped plans for its Friday the 13th reboot, this is about the closest thing we’ll get to Jason Voorhees in 2017. There have been rumblings that the Powers That Be will mount a new take on the iconic slasher in time for next year though, when it’ll be joined by David Gordan Green’s somewhat contentious reinvention of the Halloween franchise.

Expect that one to bow on October 19th, 2018.