Jason Isaacs Heads To War With David Ayer’s Fury


Though David Ayer’s Fury has already begun filming, a new cast member has joined today in the form of Jason Isaacs. Perhaps best known for his role as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, the actor has been laying low as of late. He starred in NBC’s Awake, which was cancelled, and recently showed up in the excellent indie film A Single Shot, but aside from that we haven’t really seen him in a whole lot.

It looks like the actor is ready to get back into things, though, as Fury is set to be a pretty big film. The World War II tank thriller boasts a wildly impressive cast, with names like Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman and Michael Pena starring. The film will focus on the titular American Sherman tank crew in its final days during the Second World War. As for Isaacs, he’s set to play “the confident captain and veteran on the team to which Pitt looks to for advice.”

Fury is currently shooting in London and expectations are high. David Ayer has delivered some excellent films recently, with his latest effort being the superb cop thriller End of Watch. I’m hoping that Ayer can bring the same sense of gritty realism to Fury that we’ve seen in some of his previous films because it sounds like this could be a really great war flick, especially with the cast that’s lined up.

Tell us, are you a fan of Jason Isaacs? Are you excited for Fury? Let us know in the comments section below.