Jason Momoa Doesn’t Think Aquaman Will Ever Team Up With Pattinson’s Batman


Ever since Justice League failed to provide the DCEU with its big Avengers moment at the box office, the DC brand has been moving away from interconnected storytelling to focus on standalone adventures, and so far, the approach seems to be going pretty well for them. So while there may be some fans out there longing to see a team-up between Arthur Curry and Robert Pattinson’s Batman, it’s hard to doubt actor Jason Momoa when he suggests that such a crossover isn’t on the cards.

During a recent interview with ET Online, the star of last year’s Aquaman showed his support for Pattinson as the Lighthouse star suits up as the next Caped Crusader, saying:

“I’m really stoked. He’s a good man, he’s a great actor. I’m excited about the whole thing.”

Momoa was similarly enthusiastic about the news that his step-daughter Zoë Kravitz has been cast to play Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, remarking that the Big Little Lies star is “gonna kill it” in the role. But when asked if he thinks Aquaman, Catwoman and Batman will ever do a movie together, the actor seemed doubtful:

“I mean, it’d be awesome, but I don’t think it’s going that way. Let’s just let them do their thing and I’ll do my thing.”

Indeed, if only from a continuity perspective, it’s hard to picture a meeting between these three actors ever happening in the DCEU. After all, Momoa’s Aquaman is already known for fighting alongside Ben Affleck’s older, more experienced version of Batman.

Regardless, while it’s quite possible that Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne will never cross paths with the DCEU’s Arthur Curry, it’s clear that Warner Bros. has big plans for both heroes. In the latter’s case, you’ve got Aquaman 2, which is scheduled for release on December 16th, 2022. But first, we’ll find out if the new Dark Knight lives up to the hype when The Batman hits theaters on June 25th, 2021.