Jason Momoa Says Aquaman Is A Big Beautiful Story


Aside from Avengers: Infinity WarAquaman is the comic book movie that I’m most looking forward to this year because it’s something fresh. Sure, we may have paid a brief visit to Atlantis in Justice League, but this is a corner of the DC Extended Universe that is largely unexplored – and I can’t wait to see what director James Wan has in store for us.

For years, I’d surmised that such a film done right could be amongst the biggest superhero tales imaginable, especially with it being underwater. Really, as long as the production design and visual effects departments are in perfect harmony with the stunt coordinators, there’s no limit to what this production can achieve.

That said, recent comments made by Wan saying the film’s central conflict pitting Arthur Curry against his estranged brother, Orm, is downright “Shakespearean” helps to instill much confidence. Adding to this is what lead actor Jason Momoa had to say during a conversation with Access, hinting at the journey on which his character will embark:

“Its the origins, you know what I mean. I think it is a big beautiful story that no one really knows about… yeah, we start from birth, parents getting together who the little boy is, the man who becomes king, and yeah the adventure of him becoming king.”

As Momoa continued, he revealed that his kids actually have cameos in the flick! Here’s what he had to say about that:

“My kids are.. I’m really proud because i just finished ADR on the whole film and just wrapped some couple little pickup shots. I got to see a little bit of it. I didn’t want to see the whole thing because the visual effects aren’t done yet but I got to see a lot of sense with her and I, and my kids are in it. They get to be little extras in it and they did a behind the scenes thing so its great, a lot of things I’m in they don’t get to see, so Justice League and Aquaman, they got to be there.”

While there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to spot Jason’s children, I’m sure there’ll be many other Easter eggs on hand when Aquaman opens in theaters on December 21st.

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