Jason Momoa Promises That Aquaman Will Be A Superhero Movie Like No Other


So far, 2018 is not shaping up to be a good year for Warner Bros. The Flash is undergoing a complete page one rewrite which will likely push it into 2019, while The Batman…well, it’s hard to say exactly what’s going on with that movie right now, but it doesn’t exactly seem very positive. As a result, the only DC Extended Universe entry coming next year for sure is Aquaman.

Directed by James Wan, the movie has already assembled an impressive cast, and lead star Jason Momoa has now revealed some very exciting things about what we should expect from it.

“I read the (Aquaman) script and let me just put it this way, I’ve never seen a movie that’s anything like this. It’s going to be a world that you’ve never seen before, which is really cool. We went to space, we traveled all over different worlds, but we never went underwater.

So it’s just a really cool spin on what’s below and it uses a lot of great movies that I already love — whether that be Raiders of the Lost Ark to Star Wars to Lord of the Rings to Romancing the Stone. It has a lot of really cool adventure, it’s funny and heroic, and there’s a lot of different characters and a lot of different worlds that we get to go to. So I’ve never really seen anything like it. I think it would be an absolutely amazing game and that would be the greatest character in the world.”

That’s certainly a lot of hype, and it’s starting to sound like Aquaman is going to be something really special. If nothing else, the fact that a chunk of the action will take place under the sea is very exciting and definitely different to anything Marvel and DC have done on the big screen before, which should make the film stand out.

We’ll actually get our first look at that environment in Justice League next year, and when you throw in the inclusion of fan-favourite villains like Ocean Master and Black Manta, it all points to Wan’s movie being a take on Aquaman which will no doubt make comic book readers very happy.

As of right now, Aquaman is still in the relatively early stages of production, but with shooting set to begin later this year, we’ll hopefully see much more from this one very soon.