Jason Momoa Shares First Look At His New Aquaman 2 Costumes


It’s an unwritten rule that every major superhero has to get a new costume for their standalone sequel. Sure, there may be some storyline reasons behind a character sporting fresh duds every time we see them, but let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that anything other than the desire to shift more merch is the driving force behind the decision.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is currently in front of cameras in the United Kingdom, with leading man Jason Momoa giving us all a treat by revealing the first official look at not one, but two different costumes that he’s set to wear in James Wan’s second underwater blockbuster.

Of course, Arthur Curry did spend a great deal of the opening installment shirtless, which is to be expected when you look at Momoa’s chiseled frame, but he’s well-covered up in the latest pair of outfits that you can check out below.

The first one is the same as the classic comic book-inspired look from the end of the first movie, when Arthur finally embraced his destiny and ascended to the throne of Atlantis. The second is very interesting, with the darker hues and lack of any sort of additional details or stylistic flair giving off the impression that it might end up being used for much stealthier means.

It’ll be a while before we get any plot specifics regarding Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, though, with James Wan giving us barely a hint of what he’s got in store by saying his mega budget action epic will be influenced by 1965’s cult classic Italian horror Planet of the Vampires.