Jason Momoa Thanks Fans For Aquaman’s Success In Heartfelt Video


Thanks to the ongoing success of Aquaman, Jason Momoa has never been a bigger name than he is right now, and in celebration of the movie’s box office dominance, the actor took to Instagram to thank all his fans, friends, and colleagues.

The video sees the Game of Thrones actor sending a message from his so-called “private plane.” As well as offering his love to everyone who made Arthur Curry’s solo debut the hit that it was, the star recommends seeing the movie twice because “it’s better the second time.”

Momoa seems to have been in a thankful mood ever since Aquaman began its run in cinemas. In particular, the actor repeatedly went on record last month to express his gratitude to Justice League director Zack Snyder for casting him as Arthur, telling the Toronto Sun that he “owe[s] everything to that man.”

Indeed, the star has much to be thankful for, with the new movie currently sitting at a phenomenal $940.7 million at the global box office. By now, Aquaman is the highest grossing entry in the DCEU by a pretty solid margin, passing the $873.6 million figure held by previous record-holder Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice over the weekend. And while film hasn’t fared quite so well on a domestic level, the feature’s $259.7 million US and Canada gross is still a step up from the underwhelming $229.0 million haul earned by 2017’s Justice League.

At this rate, there’s a distinct possibility that Aquaman will ultimately pass the $1 billion mark worldwide, but even if the movie failed to sell a single ticket from here on, Warner Bros. would still have all the reason they need to push forward with their sequel plans.

Source: Instagram