Jason Statham And Brian De Palma Team Up For Heat Remake

No, this is not a remake of the Michael Mann/Robert De Niro classic from 1995. This will actually be a remake of the 1986 film Heat, which starred Burt Reynolds.

According to Screen Rant, action star Jason Statham and legendary director Brian De Palma will team up for the new version, which was based on the William Goldman novel of the same name. Goldman, who penned the original, will also serve as writer for the new version. This will be the Oscar winner’s first screenplay since the 2003 adaptation of Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher.

The film tells the story of “a tough recovering gambling addict (Statham) who makes his living providing protection in the gambling world. When a friend is brutally beaten by a high-rolling mobster, he helps her get revenge.”

De Palma and Statham have both delivered some exciting and worthy action flicks over the years, so the pairing of these two definitely sounds intriguing.

Principle photography for Heat will being in late 2012 or early 2013.

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