Jason Statham Faces Off Against James Franco In Homefront Stills


I think I’ve come to the conclusion that James Franco will do literally anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s arty or action-y; if he’s behind, in front of, or beneath the camera. He will do anything. Want proof of this? Franco is now appearing in the Sylvester Stallone-scripted Homefront opposite Jason Statham and Winona Ryder.

Franco plays Gator, a local crime boss, who faces off against Jason Statham’s former DEA official, who is ‘trying to leave his violent life behind him’ by moving to a small town in Louisiana with his daughter. And if you’re Jason Statham, and you’re trying to leave behind a violent life, you just know that someone is going to come along and screw everything up.

Franco is joined by tough biker chick Winona Ryder, apparently playing against type. The whole thing sounds like a number of different films, most of them from the 80s, but that’s no reason to write it off. Will there be violence? Yes. Will there be martial arts? God willing. Will Jason Statham destroy James Franco in a hideous bloodbath? Oh, man, I hope so.

Homefront was directed by Gary Fleder (Runaway Jury) and written by Stallone, so we can expect lots of heavy-handed action that we all will secretly revel in. The stills give us a marvelous snapshot of good dad Jason with his little girl, bad guy Franco chilling at a restaurant, looking very smug, and bad guy Franco looking dark and nasty. The stills, along with the poster featuring the requisite American flag background, actually make me excited to see what’s sure to be a generic but wholly satisfying outing. I expect great things from this film.

You can check out all the stills and the poster below, then let us know what you think in the comments.

Homefront will come to theatres November 27th, just in time for Thanksgiving.