Jason Sudeikis Snags Lead Role In Fletch Won

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After residing in development hell for more than a decade, a reboot of the Chevy Chase comedy Fletch, titled Fletch Won, is finally moving forward with news that We’re the Millers star Jason Sudeikis is in talks for the lead role.

The project, which has been housed over at Warner Bros. since 2011, is described as a “gritty action comedy with heart.” Following an investigative reporter named I.M. Fletcher, Fletch Won will act as an origin story for the character. Unlike the two Fletch films toplined by Chevy Chase, Fletch Won will hew quite closely to its source material, a series of mystery novels by Gregory McDonald.

Warner Bros. has had a tough time developing Fletch Won, going through quite a few iterations by various screenwriters (including Kevin Smith, who was also interested in directing at one point) before deciding on a script by David List, also the rep for McDonald’s estate. List will also produce the film, alongside Anonymous Content’s Steve Golin and Michael Sugar. Now that a screenplay is set and Sudeikis is on board, I’d expect that Fletch Won will move forward quickly.

The search for a director is currently underway, with Warner Bros. reportedly aiming for someone who can deliver a smart, action-oriented comedy in the vein of Beverly Hills Cop or Midnight Run. This isn’t supported by any official reports, but I wouldn’t be suprised if Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the duo behind The LEGO Movie, are near the top of their wishlist. The pair crafted a hilarious and surprisingly exhilarating action-comedy a couple years back with 21 Jump Street, similarly working from a popular piece of ’80s entertainment.

Regardless of who Warner Bros. taps to direct, Sudeikis’s involvement makes Fletch Won a project to watch. The former Saturday Night Live funnyman rarely takes on lead comedic roles, preferring to blend into strong casts (Horrible BossesThe Campaign) or serve in limited supporting capacities (Drinking Buddies), but the times he’s stepped up to topline a movie have been wildly successful, with We’re the Millers‘ runaway box-office success likely standing as the best example of his huge potential as a leading man.

As always, we’ll keep you posted as more on Fletch Won emerges. 

Source: THR