Jason Todd Has Finally Been Confirmed As Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’s Robin


It was a couple of years ago now that some Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice rumours pointed to Robin’s costume being on display in the Batcave, and since then and the moment that the defaced suit was revealed in trailers for the movie, fans have widely assumed that it surely belongs to Jason Todd, the Robin murdered by The Joker.

However, if Zack Snyder was willing to take Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen and turn the photographer into a CIA agent who gets shot in the head, there’s every chance that the suit could have belonged to one of the other heroes to have held the mantle of the Boy Wonder (Dick Grayson, for example). That would have obviously upset some people, but those involved with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice have remained coy, refusing to reveal whether or not that suit really does belong to Jason.

Now, however, a new video has surfaced that seems to confirm that it is indeed Jason’s Robin suit. In the source material, the brash youngster was killed by the Clown Prince of Crime, but returned years later as the vigilante Red Hood in a storyline many are hoping will be adapted for the big screen in Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns’ The Batman.

Whether or not that will happen obviously remains to be seen, but with this confirmation in the video above, we now know that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has brought us one step closer to someday seeing the Red Hood arc on the big screen.