Six Jason Voorhees Actors Recreated Their Look For Texas Frightmare, And It Was Awesome


Whether you’re a casual moviegoer or a full-blown horror buff, you’ve aware of the Friday The 13th films. And whenever you’re discussing the franchise’s longevity, there’s surely one debate you’ll inevitably find yourself in: “Who played Jason best?” That mostly comes down to personal preference, of course, but six of the actors responsible for bringing the slasher icon to life came together at Texas Frightmare recently and even better, they recreated their iconic looks for photo ops.

As you can see in the gallery down below, we’ve got Ken Kirzinger (Freddy Vs. Jason), Tom Morga (A New Beginning), Steve Dash (Friday the 13th Part 2), C.J. Graham (Jason Lives), Ted White (The Final Chapter) and Kane Hodder (Jason Takes Manhattan).

They were photographed in their costumes over the weekend in Grapevine, Texas at the Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport. Each of the costumes are spot on, too, with Morga going for the Roy look from A New Beginning and Hodder seen as he appears in Jason Takes Manhattan.

Of course, most people believe that Hodder’s the ultimate Jason, seeing as he’s embodied the character more than anyone else. After all, aside from Manhattan, he also appeared in A New Blood, Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X. That being said, each of these men have made the character their own, having provided audiences with memorable moments they won’t soon forget.

Though it’s been nearly ten years since fans have seen Jason Voorhees spill blood on the big screen, we’re all well aware of the franchise’s endless potential. And though there’s no word yet on when we might get another Friday the 13th, or who may star as the maniac killer for his next outing, this recent photo op from Texas Frightmare has shown that any of these actors can still pull off the role.

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