Javier Bardem Joins The Gunman And A Most Violent Year


Let’s face it: Javier Bardem is awesome. He was one of the better Bond baddies in Skyfall, he was a cold hard psychopath in No Country For Old Men, AND he’s married to Penelope Cruz. With upcoming roles in The Counselor and his recent turn in To The Wonder, the guy pretty much spends his time being awesome. Now Javier Bardem has signed on for two new films: The Gunman and A Most Violent Year.

First: The Gunman. Bardem is joining the film alongside Sean Penn and director Pierre Morel (Taken). The film will follow Penn as a man named Martin Terrier, who runs afoul of his organization and goes on the run. But Javier Bardem is coming after him. Who will in this fight? Given narrative structure, I’ll bet on Penn, but Bardem is totally more of a badass. I was half-expecting him to beat James Bond in Skyfall. Morel might take it on the chin a little bit, but Taken was at least a well-structured thriller. Hopefully The Gunman will be too.

Bardem’s other project is A Most Violent Year. Details are scarce on this one – it was announced at Cannes and will be directed by J.C. Chandor (Margin Call, All Is Lost). The most we know is that Javier Bardem will play a ‘good guy’ – and that, presumably, the year shall be most violent. Beyond that, we’ll have to wait for more plot and character details as shooting starts this fall.

I am all for more Javier Bardem in our cinemas. I was in the minority that found Skyfall dull, and Bardem was a shining light in the midst of all the meh. He can play good guys, bad guys, whatever he wants. Just as long as he keeps making movies and being a badass, I’m happy.